Liping Qiu, PhD (2016)


Current position:

Assistant Professor

Hunan University · College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Alper Cevirgel (2018)

MMD master student


Liyan Smeding, BSc (2018)

MMD master student


Carl van Heck (2018)

BMW master student


Anouk Becker, BSc (2017)

MMD master student


Valerie Betting, BSc (2017)

MMD master student

Eliézer Jäger, PhD (2017-2018)

Czech Academy of Sciences fellowship 


Eliezer Jäger received his PhD in 2015 at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic. His PhD studies focused on the synthesis and characterization of biological environmentally responsive (pH, temperature and reactive oxygen species) and non-responsive polymer drug delivery systems (micellar, soluble polymers, NPs). In 2016 he obtained a postdoctoral grant from the Czech Academy of Sciences for starting researchers aiming at the development of multi-responsive dendritic cell-targeted nanovaccines, as well as, tumor “chemical-environment” responsive nanomedicines under supervision of Prof. Carl Figdor and Dr. Martijn Verdoes.